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ONEBOT S6 36V Folding Moped Bicycle 3 Modes 250W 50km Mileage Range Electric Bike - EU Plug (Poland Warehouse)


Main Features:

250W Motor provides the max 25km/h speed and max 15-degree gradient.
6.4Ah Lithium-ion Battery, maximum 50 km mileage.
Pure Electric, Riding, Electric-assist three riding modes to choose.
● Electric bicycles can be folded and carried easily, suitable for different venues.
● Full perspective LCD display
LED Headlights make the ride safely at night.
● The maximum load of the aluminum alloy casing is 120kg.
The Adjustable Handlebar and Saddle are suitable for people of different heights, suitable for adults and teenagers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kenia Bravo
Air up the tires and let’s go for a ride!

My family bought this for me as an early birthday present. I wanted it so I could go riding with my 7-year old daughter. This suited my purposes bc bikes with larger wheels would require me to do a lot of waiting for my daughter. Also, my house is not very large & i don’t have a bike rack. I can fold this up in less than 20 seconds & have it put away or put it in the back of the car & take it with me.

SAFETY. It feels VERY sturdy. Nothing rattles or shakes. I broke my elbow almost 9 months ago (I still have pain, don’t have the same strength, & can’t fully extend my arm). I have been scared of falling. Does to the step-through design & (honestly) halftime weight of the bike at the bottom, I feel more secure & feel like I could catch myself & avoid dangerous entanglement with the bike.

PEDDLING. Because the wheels are only 20”, you DO have to peddle a little more than you might be used to doing on a bike with larger wheels; I like it bc I need the extra exercise.

THE SEAT. I rode this for a week b4 my bottom could not stand the seat any longer. I’m still sore from the seat & it has been 2 days since I have ridden it. I replaced the seat with a cloud 9 seat, which adds to the weight of the bike.

THE GRIP. The grip is secure, but a little small. After a week of use my hand started to cramp a bit, but that could be attributable to my lack of use.

KEEPING IT FOLDED. My only real complaint is that it did not come with bungee ties or Velcro ties to keep the bike together in a folded position.

Wish they had a 24” s wheel model, but I understand that this is a commuter bike & having larger wheels MIGHT defeat the purpose.

Cameron Currie

I got this bike June one month ago,So far, I love it. An excellent upper-entry-level bike. Very peppy. Good range. Really nice for this price point.
The frame, to me, was the selling point. It's generic enough for me to easily upgrade ANY of the components when I want. It's also very sturdy. Feels very solid in all terrains.
I've been bugging customer service about some stuff, and they've been friendly and responsive.
So far, totally happy with the bike, the price, and the customer service. I look forward to making upgrades in the future.

Assembly was very easy. I only had to install the pedals, the seat, the front fender and tire, and attach the control module to the handle bars. The bike is very well made and looks and handles like the ones selling for a couple thousand dollars more. I’ve ridden it a half dozen times for short trips and it has no problem handling my 212 pounds weight - even on our street which has a fairly steep incline. I will venture out for a longer ride in the next few days to test the battery life between charges but do not expect to be disappointed based on the quality of the bike. It even comes with a nice tool kit. If we experience any unexpected problems with the bike, I will add to this post after we’ve had more time to ride it. So far, I rate it with 5 stars!

Arturo G.

They all seem very nice, design wise I’d say No 1 (Veloic deign) the Swag Cycle (No 9) looks a lot like mine (INMOTION P2f, it also folds but as much as the ones you show, it’s small when it’s deployed ;-) 250W Motor provides the max 25km/h speed and max 15-degree gradient. Super solid with disc brakes and bluetooth connection to the app that helps you configure/lock the bike. Not the most comfortable ride, but so smooth and useful! Again thanks and looking forward to the next product.

Steve Hargreaves

Great to see fellow Mi Riders :) Had mine for about 12 months now and love it. I went for the orange one and for a folding bike it doesn't half get some looks when you are riding around :) I chose it because I wanted something stylish, but need to store it indoors so couldn't really go for a full sized bike. Thankfully there is a nice cycle route around the corner from my house, so going for a daily ride to get some exercise is easy. I'm just jealous of the tweaks that the 2020 model has...I definitely want that little rack on the rear!!

The only change I made to mine, is to get a different seat. I bought one with some thicker padding and little suspension springs built into it. My bottom really thanked me :D

good bike!

Very happy with my order! perfect delivery, perfect packaging, nothing is missing in the packaging even the tools for assembly are provided, the bike is beautiful only small downside assembly instructions a little simplistic but looking a little no problem for assembly ; thank you

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