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GT-4601 2.25hp treadmill home gym Diamond Pattern Silent Belt 47.25*17.75” Soft Dropping Built in Speaker US-7

Digital Monitor
Tracking your progress on the GT-4601 is simple with the premium Digital Monitor screen, showing you your workout stats in real time to keep you monitor your progress and maintain motivation to reach your personal fitness goals.

Soft Drop Unfolding System
The soft-drop hydraulic mechanism allows for the deck to gently lower itself to the floor for safe hands free use when unfolding while making it easy to pull out your treadmill to workout at a moment’s notice, while also protecting your treadmill from accidental damage and floors from accidental scuffing.

Quick Handlebar Controls
Have easy access to the handlebar controls so you can adjust your run or walk without missing a beat. Featuring chrome finished heart rate monitors, simply grip the handles to view your heart rate in real time and gauge the effectiveness of you cardio session while working towards a healthy heart rate with a steady and prolonged elevated heart rate being the best for burning the highest amount of fat.

Product Description

Leave your excuses for not working out at the door with this at home treadmill, perfect for at home workouts when you want to avoid the gym and don’t feel up to leaving your home. With a powerful 2.25HP motor, this treadmill is the perfect solution that will help you avoid falling into a sedentary lifestyle stay healthy and in shape despite being indoors. 

Featuring a folding mechanism and a soft drop system, it’s easy to fold down for use at a moment’s notice or fold up to tuck it away in your home to conserve space. With a user friendly design, prop up your smart device on the integrated tablet holder and have easy access to the control buttons on the handrail, enabling you to start, stop, adjust speeds and place your hands on sensors to monitor your heart rate.

Switch up the intensity of your workout with 12 speeds and 3 incline levels to choose from for a customized cardio session. Keep track of your workout goals with the LCD display showing time, distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burned, while the safeguard key can be attached to your clothes to trigger an auto-stop on the treadmill. Manufactured with all of the must-have basics you could need, this treadmill is designed for optimal performance with a 240lb weight capacity.

4.25-inch LCD Display

The LCD display can track speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burned, so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your workout in real time. Use the convenient handlebar controls to quickly adjust the speed within the range of 0.8-14 KPH and control the intensity of your walk or run and reach the preset 12 program goals.

Spacious Running Surface

With a large 17.75 "×47.25" running surface, there is plenty of room to freely run on the belt without worry of stretching your legs out too long from limited space. The running belt features an embedded diamond pattern for heightened friction and quality shoe grip for great running performance and skid resistance.

3 Level Adjustable Incline

Adjust the treadmill incline up to 3 levels which can be used to relieve strain of impact from running while still giving you a great workout with high quad and calf engagement from climbing motions. Easily increase your running intensity and challenge yourself with the incline function to kick start your weight loss and fitness journey.

Easy-Fold Mechanism

Base transportation wheels and the soft dropping folding system make it easy to transport, fold and unfold your treadmill safely and easily while protecting your floor from accidental damage. 

Built-In Speaker System & Silent Motor

Stay focused and motivated from start to finish with a built-in speaker positioned in the upper deck of the treadmill featuring ports for USB (nor for charging) and AUX connection so you can go hard while listening to your favorite playlist. The powerful 2.25HP motor is strong enough to help you achieve fast running speeds, while still silent enough to not disturb others while running indoors.

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