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Fiido D3: Light, Delicate and Beautiful

März 18, 2020

Fiido D3: Light, Delicate and Beautiful

Since riding the FIIDO D3 electric bicycle to and from work, many colleagues and passers-by have given high praise: “This small tram is so delicate and beautiful.” For such praise, I am very happy to accept from the heart. After a period of daily cycling and commuting, I had a convenience feeling. The FIIDO D3 electric bicycle is self-evident. After work, don’t worry about being stolen from downstairs. Put it in the room, it won’t take up a lot of space.

Another problem is the charging problem. Before, you need to put the tram downstairs and charge the battery upstairs. So, you have to disassemble the battery frequently. Now, the problem is solved. Moreover, the cruising range of the FIIDO D3 electric assist bicycle is very satisfactory. It is possible to go from home workplaces and return back to homes every day without worrying about the power backup. Even if you forget to charge you can also use the electric assist mode. Afterward, sharing with you the experience of the FIIDO D3 electric bicycle.

The Fiido D3 features a 52-tooth large chain and a 12-tooth flywheel for a comfortable ride and adapt to different road conditions. This car has a built-in large-capacity battery design, the body is simple, and the lines are beautiful, and equipped with a USB phone holder, the body can be folded in half.

Three Modes Of Riding

  • It has pure electric, riding, electric assist three riding modes. Equipped with the advantage of normal bike and e-bike, freely to change to the pure electric cycling when you tried, the other manpower function will sistisfy your fitness desire even out of power in the way of home.

14 Inch Inflatable Rubber Tire With Front and Rear Double Disc Brakes

  • Shockproof inflatable tires with wear-resistant and anti-slip texture,the brakes are more stable and effective, ensure your a more comfortable riding experience in different road conditions.

250W Motor, 25km/h Max Speed

  • 250W motor can offer 30km/h max speed and 30 degree steep slopes. Electric motorcycle range up to 25~40km. Using brushless and toothed motor, the power consumption is lower, the endurance is 20% stronger than the normal brushless and toothless motor, and the starting torque is larger.

Max Load 120kg

  • The body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, light, no rust. Lightweight and tough aluminum alloy frame has 120kg payload.

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