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FIIDO D1 VS FIIDO D2: What's the Difference?

März 10, 2020

FIIDO D1 VS FIIDO D2: What's the Difference?

At the beginning of this year, I came into contact with FIIDO electric bikes. For the last seven or eight months, I have primarily relied on these two bikes for commuting, so much so that my previous mountain bikes have been put into storage.

My overall feeling during this period is that this brand has a clearly-defined design orientation.

This series of bikes are designed for commuting, nothing else, so the design is very purposeful, and the final quality lives up to this.

How does FIIDO D2 differ from FIIDO D1?



1. Headlight design

At the same power level, the headlight on the FIIDO D2 seems to have a longer range than that of the FIIDO D1.

2. Wheel diameter

The wheel diameter of the FIIDO D1 is 14 inches, while that of FIIDO D2 is 16 inches. The larger diameter makes it more comfortable to ride (because it is more adaptable to road conditions).

3. Manufacturing process

The solder joints on the body of the FIIDO D2 are more uniform. Occasionally, there are parts that could be neater, but the overall manufacturing process has been dramatically improved.

4. Logo

The logo on the bike has also changed from the FIIDO D1. I think that the entire VI design of the company has changed, and I prefer it to the old design.


The FIIDO D2 is still driven by the same metal chain as the FIIDO D1.

As far as my current experience is concerned, almost all of the 500km I've traveled has been in pure electric mode, so the chain has suffered little wear and tear.

I have not covered a great distance in pure manual mode; however, from my tests, the conversion efficiency of pure manual riding has been dramatically improved compared with the FIIDO D1.

Other changes

1. Cushioning

Compared with the previous generation FIIDO D1, the most significant difference with the FIIDO D2 is the cushioning (soft tail design). It has greatly enhanced the pleasure of riding as far as my current experience goes.

2. Foldable push

A major feature of the FIIDO D2 is that it can be pushed when folded!

This design makes it very convenient to move, and there are no problems getting it on the metro or in an elevator.

In my experience, the D2 is a very mature and lightweight commuter electric bike.

It is better than the previous D1 in terms of details, including the design of the front and rear mudguards, the engine power, the front phone holder (supports mobile phone charging), etc., all of which enhance the user experience.

However, compared with D1, it also has some disadvantages:

1. The price is $30 more than that of the previous generation D1.

2. It has a reduced battery capacity and corresponding total range. I have carried out a range test, and the total range on a single charge is about 26km.

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